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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  February 23, 2013 10:00am-11:00am PST

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♪ >> okay. get your check out the dance moves of the adorable maltese puppies from ireland. and in this case, once the puppies start dancing and the others joined in has become a viral dance phenomenon. and thousands of people have uploaded videos of themselves doing the harlem shake on youtube. the man believed to be the world's oldest marathon runner
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ready to hang up his sneakers. 101-year-old is going to retire on sunday and teas when the indian born british citizen will run his last race at a competition in hong kong. he didn't take the up the sport until the age of 89 when he began running to deal with the deaths of his wife and his son. and good for him. the best to him. of course, we love hearing from you at home and we've been asking you, do you think the warnings about sequestration, spending cuts are overhyped? several of you have weighed in one viewer writes, no, because obama will cut essential services just to spite the republicans and u.s. citizens. and justin disagrees though, saying, entirely overhyped not enough cuts and yes, sequestration overhype not nearly as dramatic. and that's going to do it for me, make it a great day, i'm u
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uma. >> fox news alert. new concerns over iran as the country announces plans, it's going to expand the nuclear program after discovering 16 new uranium sites like this, that the the country say they're ideal for building a range of power plants for the next 15 years and comes at a time of already increased tension as iran's powerful revolutionary guard begins military exercises and aimed at the boosting the country's combat readiness, a full report on the developments and that's coming up for you later in this hour. >> . >> jamie: first, and welcome everybody. there's a major showdown brewing in washington and it's looming spending cuts are set to kick in automatically on march 1st, i'm jamie colby and this is a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> kelly: hello, i'm kelly
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wright. 85 billion dollars and across the board cuts is what we're talking about. it will take effect between march and september as both sides, well, they're digging in for a very long fight. >> jamie: they are, kelly. and president obama and congressional democrats working to persuade the public that the cut would harm defense and key programs and republicans accusing the president of campaigning rather than negotiating and molly henneberg has that story live for us in washington. what's the latest? >> hi, jamie, hi, kelly. president obama is trying to turn up the heat on republicans, saying all it would take is a quote, little compromise to avoid those 85 billion dollars in spending cuts. the president wants more tax hikes included in any kind of compromise, and posed these questions to republicans who only want spending cuts. >> are republicans in congress willing to let these fall on our kids' schools and mental
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health care just to prevent tax loopholes. are they willing to slash, because they refuse tax cuts for big oil companies, seriously prepared to put more pain on the middle class because they refuse to put more on those at the top. and they say that americans have been hit with tax increases the beginning of this year when the g.o.p. agreed to go along with the president and allow certain bush era tax cuts to expire. and now republicans say they're ready to compromise on where and how the federal spending is cut, but they don't want more tax hikes and they're challenging the president to explain why he isn't reaching out more to congress in order to get a deal. >> so the question he is, why won't he work with us? and the answer quite simply because he wants higher taxes, but the right way to address our deficit and debt and get past the sequester is not higher taxes or just better
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spending control. it's by creating jobs, growing the economy, and expanding the tax base. >> president obama will continue to take his message on the road next week with a stop at a virginia ship building operation. virginia with the massive spending would be hit by the cuts. >> molly, good to see you, kelly? >> jamie, as washington braces for billions in budget cuts, oklahoma senator tom coburn is calling on president obama to stop a 100 city campaign style tour, and angela mcglowan is a fox news political analyst, mark hanna, an adjunct professor at media of new schools and former aide, mark and angela, thank you for joining us, as you both know, senator tom coburn of oklahoma
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sent a letter to the white house, in it, if washington is truly cutting spending on missions many consider vital, how can we at the same time promise and promote more financial adistance, much less afford this mammoth, 100 city cross country tour, wrote coburn, and while he talked about that, while it's well intentioned, he's urging the president to cancel this tour. mark, what do you think about that? >> kelly, i think that senator coburn lives up to his representlation and his nickname as dr. no in the senate. if there's any senator taking issue with the president going city to city and town to town and informing americans and local governments about the programs that are available to them through their taxpayer dollars, it would be him. and i don't think there's anything really controversial about members of the federal government, members of the administration to go and have these information sessions with people, but this conversation is pretty
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premature, it hasn't been announced yet that this is something the white house is dealing with. and i think that-- >> with all due respect to what you're saying the president has the right to do this, certainly does, and it might be a good move to get out and talk to the american people, which he customarily does, but it costs money, angela. it costs money at a time that we're talking about sequestration and losing money. >> you're exactly right, kelly and listen, 83% of the american people believe that washington d.c. has a spending problem and this 100 city federal spending tour is a prime example. seven out of ten americans today. they've stopped consumer spending, they've cut their spending, to say, why can't washington d.c. do the same? and i admire senator tom coburn who has the bravery to actually go after the president and actually force him to have true transparency. and mark, whaty're doing in the federal tour is offering money, government money when we need to be
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saving cutting and spending. >> let he me point something else out. real quickly, i want to go to transportation secretary ray lahood who issued a warning on friday and he says the sequestration could disrupt air travel. >> yep. >> kelly: on flight delays at major airports and adds that cuts could force nearly 100 air traffic control towers to close unless something is done to avoid the draconian and drastic measures. but some would be as bad as all that? what are you hearing among the people you're talking to? >> what i mary, kehear, kelly, don't want to find out. and across the board cuts whether or not people will be waiting with 90 minute delays in major airport hubs, whether there will be fewer safety inspections at food processing plants. >> mark. >> and people don't want to necessarily find out the stakes of this. these cuts were designed to be so destructive. so detrimental to the economy, and i mean, by some estimates
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putting 2 million people out of work, that they would never be a palatable option for either republican. and i see a lot of republicans and-- >> the american people. >> and i'll let you go. >> a monologue. >> kelly: a chance to jump in there, angela. >> okay. >> mark, the bottom line the american people do want to know. i do want to know the effects of sequestration and remember that president obama said in 2011 if he got a bill on his desk that would stop these spending cuts, he would veto this, now he's complaining that congress is waiting until the last minute when he they tried to put forth an effort to stop it. so, kelly, it's not going to be that bad, but sequestration is five days away. >> mark and angela, the american people want to know, is there a way to avert this crisis that we're now experiencing and many people are saying that it's a manufactured crisis, but the president, if you were paying attention to molly henneberg's story before we came to you. the president went on to say, we need to take a balanced
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approach on cuts on programs and close some tax loopholes that are taking advantage of. but house speaker john boehner as you know, says that the president needs to get the democrats acting in congress and we've got the back and forth going on. are you at all optimistic that a last minute deal could be done to avert the sequester? >> and i don't think that the-- >> mark, go ahead. >> yeah, go ahead, mark. >> i don't think that democrats are very optimistic, unfortunately, because we've had republican senators and congressman say out loud and publicly that they want the sequestration to happen. this is sort of, you know, they don't know what the real world consequences of this sequestration will be, but it fits with the ideological positioning here and it's going to be fairly sddisastrous. and i encourage your viewers to write the congressman. >> mark. >> kelly: let him finish if i cannily. >> go ahead. >> kelly: finish your statement. >> i think that republicans are historically will and to
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their credit about fiscal responsibility and a strong military defense. now, when we're talking about using a blunt tool to cut military spending by 13% and to use sort of these cuts that are unstrategic, irrational, kind of across the board. that defies the tradition of republicanism and denies the depth of the identity crisis. >> kelly: and give angela the last word here. >> if the consultant to the obamacare iing campaign, the bottom line, this was his irrational idea that he lobbied to congress and let's put the truth out there. no, we don't want it it to happen. if it has to happen, i'm sure in the next couple of years, the american people will vote their conscience. >> kelly: angela mcglowan and mark, that you for sharing about the squeezester. >> jamie: a vote to overturn the supreme court federal ban on gay marriage, the justice department filing a brief asking the courts to strike
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down doma, defense of marriage act. the move is not unexpected, but peter doocy is following that for us, live in washington. hi, peter. >> reporter: hi, jamie, and in that brief filed yesterday the solicitor general makes crystal clear, the obama administration thinks that the defensive marriage act, law passed in 1996, quote. denies to tens of thousands of same sex couples legally married under state law, an arare of important federal benefits that are available to legally married opposite sex couples, and jamie, this represents part of a broader shift toward insuring gay rights. and president obama made sure everybody knows they're an important part. >> our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law. >> a little more than a month into his second term,
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president obama's administration has a little less than a week to file a friend of the court brief against proposition 8, which was a gay marriage and banning balloting initiative approved by colorado voters in 2008 only to be overturned by the california supreme court. leaders aren't sure how influential, but some are weary of the possible precedent. >> it's basically judicial policy making and it's a policy i agree with, if they do it, but there are some things that i think ought to be left to the voters. >> and the supreme court is scheduled to start arguments next month, in march. and a decision could come a few months later in june. jamie? >> peter, thanks for your report. kelly. >> we're keeping an eye on iran's next move as the country announces new plans to ramp up its nuclear program and its revolutionary guard begins new military exercises and we will have a live report next. >> always got to keep an eye on that.
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the pentagon says it's planning to side line its most expensive weapons system. details on this, will it be a setback for the f-35 stealth fighter jet? >> the mysterious death of a russian boy, turning into an international accident or incident, as the russian government is now demanding the return of his brother. >> this is obviously a terrible tragedy and it's our understanding that texas authorities are still investigating the cause of death and that they themselves have not yet made any determinations as to how the child died. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives.
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>> welcome back. time now for a quick check of your headlines. the vatican slamming the media for what it calls false reporting. ahead of the conclave to choose the next pope. they're spreading rumors to try to sway the election. the pentagon grounding its entire fleet. f-35 fighter jets and the military's most expensive weapons systems after making it found a cracked engine blade in one of the fighters. and the feds joining a lawsuit against a cyclers and admitted
10:19 am
doper lance armstrong accusing him of defrauding his long time sponsor, the u.s. postal service. >> jamie: want to tell you about some new developments in what has become an international adoption fight. it's all over a boy living here in the u.s. he came from russia and russia's now demanding that the u.s. return a two-year-old boy adopted by the same texas family as his brother. there were two boys and one of them was found dead at the family home last month under suspicious circumstances. molly line has more from our new york city news room now they want the other little boy back? >> exactly. russian lawmakers and officials are expressing outrage following the january death of the three year old adoptee, demanding the little brother be turned to his homeland. and they were adopted by laura and adam shadow. max died on january 21st, but exactly how remains under
10:20 am
investigation pending autopsy results. and the sheriff's office claims they were outside playing when she he discovered max lying unconscious and transferred to a local hospital where he later died. texas child welfare are monitoring this and the younger brother remains with the parents. the reaction in russia are extreme and accusing this mother of murder before tempering the statements. u.s. embassy released a statement, warning to be irresponsible to draw conclusions about the death or assign guilt before autopsy results are analyzed and investigation is carried out. the u.s. state department is urging patience. >> that this child has died, but none of us, not here, not anywhere in the world, should jump to a conclusion about the circumstances until the police have had a chance to investigate. there have been very strong
10:21 am
assertions made, from moscow we're going to wait until the investigation is complete. >> this tragedy comes just after a law banning adoptions of russian children, of american children passed late last year. and they cited the deaths of 19 russian children adopted by americans as the main reason for the ban. u.s. officials saw it as retaliation for a bill passed in the u.s. senate targeting russian officials charged with corruption and human rights. jamie? >> thanks so much, molly. thanks. thanks. >> the church of god and christ, currently sponsoring an urban initiative to deal with five years, crime prevention, the family and getting jobs, financial literacy and most importantly, education. the church believes it will lead to more people being able to live their lives beyond a dream.
10:22 am
>> throughout many urban areas in america, violence is begetting violence. young people getting gunned down before they complete high school. the mayors of cities like chicago, philadelphia, new orleans are experiencing this vicious cycle of murder, and making every effort to stop the bloodshed, but they acknowledge the task will need more organization to join the fight and education is tied to success, it's tied to survivability. to the likelihood of criminal involvement at the later time in life. and bishop charles blake is presiding over the church of god and christ, familiar with the needs of the black and latino communities throughout america. he grew up in a similar area in the logan heights area of san diego. >> it was a fixed latino, african-american community and to get that diverse experience, that exposure.
10:23 am
>> as a leader, bishop blake focuses not only on america's spiritual development, but its advancement in education and the bishop believes that it's a national and humanitarian issue and providing a good education will keep children away from gang violence and reduce the number of black and latino youth who go to prison as a right of passage instead of graduating from high school and college. >> and 50% of our young people in the black community are not finishing school, not graduating from high school. and that means they're not going to be able to find jobs. that means they will he' be more perceptive to the possibility much criminal involvement and it means the children will repeat the cycle because they will grow up in poverty also. >> bishop blake is encouraging parents to get involved in the education of their children, meeting with school principals and teachers to find out how the children are doing in school and to sit down with their child at home to help them do homework. >> the welfare, the future and
10:24 am
the destiny of their children is affected by they air being willing to push out of that situation and ab bbrogate for t children to get the education they need. >> kelly: good teachers need to be motivated to make a difference in each child's life. >> the best valuation of a good teacher is that children are getting good learning. and the person that does not graduate from high school will make $250,000 net than they will have made graduated from high school in their lifetime. and the person that graduates from college will make almost 2 million dollars more for the fact that they can go on to college, and accomplish that training and that education. >> some very sound advice there. bishop blake says it's important for children to get
10:25 am
a good education, it's fundamental, he says, in helping others to live life beyond a dream. >> that's where we want everyone to go, thanks, kelly so much. >> new warnings about the u.s. economy, some economists are seeing signs of higher taxes and flat wages and also that growing debt. >> yeah, imagine that. plus, we are continuing to monitor the new threats out of iran, after they just announced a plan to expand their nuclear program. a live report next. >> also, we've been telling you the story of olympian, oscar pistorius, now free on bail, awaiting trial in the shooting death of his model girlfriend. could there be more it to this case than meets the eye? we've got insight and analysis on what can turn this trial. our legal panel weighs in next. >> and the family we know oscar's version of what happened that tragic night and
10:26 am
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>> fox news alert. new threats out of iran as the country's powerful revolutionary guard begins a series of new military exercises aimed at boosting its combat skills. meantime, there is also word that iran is also planning to expand its nuclear program with at least a dozen new power plans. after discover several new deposits of uranium and all of this days before a new round of nuclear talks, connor powell is joining us live in our middle bureau with more details. >> kelly, these new developments come as tensions between iran and the western world since to escalate. iranian state television says the goal of these exercises are to for the combat
10:31 am
readiness and tanks and troops attacking staged enemy positions. now, israel and the committees accuse iran of trying to build a nuclear weapon and claim that hey ran rejects, insisting that the nuclear plan is for peaceful purposes, but israel thinks it may attempt to attack iran and launch a preemptive strike on iran as well and so far the obama administration relied on tough economic sanctions which have really severely damaged the iranian economy, but not its nuclear ambition and today, tehran announced it discovered a new iranian deposit which could help the nuclear program because iran isn't allowed to import uranium. the next couple of days, the international community, including united states, britain, france, germany and russia will meet with leaders to discuss that program and also the economic sanctions, but kelly, nobody really has much belief or optimism that the current standoff between the west and tehran will
10:32 am
change much because neither side is covering anything new. >> which undoubtedly is why we'll continue to watch it. connor powell from the middle east bureau today. >> and a crucial couple of days in the oscar pistorius murder case, and now, the father of his model girlfriend who is dead speaks out for the first time saying the athlete will have to quote, live with his conscience if he's lying about how he killed his daughter. pistorius does admit to shooting 29-year-old reeva steenkamp, denies it was murder and says he thought she was an intruder. yesterday a visibly distraught pistorius is released out of bail and at his uncle's house. and a former prosecutor and a former defense attorney, welcome to both of you, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> you know, this case, this bail hearing, david, has people transfixed on the screen, listening and watching, but we shouldn't read too much into it and correct me if i'm wrong, but
10:33 am
this bail hearing just means, and his release on bail means he's not a flight risk, it's not a determination of guilt or innocence, correct? >> i agree, jamie, totally, this is not a trial or acquittal after trial. all the evidence hasn't been seen yet and clearly this is just a bail determination to see if the defendant will come back to court. that's all that this is about. there's a big trial left to take place. >> and rachel, the law in that country, compared to our country, is very different. we've learned so much about the evidence in in case, and also, the botched evidence, the lead investigator left bullets behind, they've admitted to that. and he was removed from the case after the bail hearing because he himself is facing murder charges. the prosecutor, whether he knew about it or not. what's the effect of that on the credibility of this whole case? >> well, i think you've got a lot of problems going on here, but the lead prosecutor -- the lead investigator who initially came on to the scene
10:34 am
in a murder case like this making so many mistakes and it's something that the judge mentioned a lot in that bail hearing yesterday, was i was completely trance fibsed. i was on the edge of my seat for that full two hours watching the entire thing and i was fascinated. >> you know how many trials all of us have been handling or viewing and to hear this judge so meticulously go through this. and the forensics will play a huge role and questions, if she was in the bathroom and thought she was an intruder and did she have her shoes on even when he thought she was in bed. did he have his prosthetic legs on. was he dressed for bed. will we hear the answers if the investigation was botched to the degree known already. >> i don't think the botch is fatal in this case and i'll tell you why, this detective -- this case is a what happened case not a whodunit
10:35 am
case. we're not looking to see who the killer is. the investigation in a what happened case is starting right now. and we need to get the ballistics evidence in place, the forensics, the e-mails, what led up to this, was there a fight. the neighbor's testimonials, and there's make or break elements. >> jamie: there are so many elements that are fascinating you're right, even for legal scholars, i'm sure. rachel, premeditation, we're taught in law school a certain definition of premeditation and i seem to recall on a moment's notice. if he took the time to put on his prosthetic legs when he thought was a burglar, that could change to pre-medcation. >> and the issue here, too, just the common sense factors, the biggest problems despite the botches that the investigators made i think is going to assist in showing
10:36 am
reasonable doubt. we don't know what's going to come out in the fuch and double-check and find the messages or phone calls, whether she had her shorts on or makeup on, whether she was dressed for bed. all of these things are going to come out eventually at the trial stage, but initially, you know, how much time is might have taken him to go from the balcony to the bed. get the gun, go there and not ask who is there? who's he in there, come out or i'm going to fire. and there's some common sense stuff here that hurts the defense in in case. >> one thing we always ask ourselves in these cases of murder, alleged murder in his case, but it's a murder trial, whether or not the defendant will take the stand. we may never hear his story, the questions that rachel is asking. all that has to be raised there, as different as the system is, is reasonable doubt. do you see reasonable doubt already? >> no, i don't, actually, without the defendant taking the stand. i think this is one of those cases that screams out for the
10:37 am
defendant to take the stand. you know what? you've got to tell the trier of fact, don't leave your common sense at the door. you have a guy, he takes out a .9 millimeter guns and walks into the bathroom where his girlfriend is in and fires four shots, three shots hitting her, and that shows intent to kill. and the only way for him to overcome that is to get his story out by testifying. so i would not be surprised if he testifies. >> rachel, if he were your client, would you advise him to. and keeping in mind even if he does, the conviction rate there, so different from here is 10% or less. so what would you advise them to do? >> well, i'm no expert in south african law, fascinating learning as much as i have the last few days and i would advise him, yes, you have to tell your side of the story because it's a case of what is the story and he's the only other one that knows truly what happened that night and he's already told his story
10:38 am
because he submitted a sworn affidavit for the purposes of the bail hearing and we know what his position and story is so he's not damaged further by taking the stand, i don't believe. >> well, rachel and david, emotions are running so high on both sides, both families and we'll continue to watch the case, he's back, beginning in june. thanks to both of you. >> thanks. >> nice to he see you. >> great to see you, too, kelly. >> thanks, jamie. higher taxes, flat wages, soaring gas prices and a growing national debt, all of this raising questions about our nation's economy and your pocket. what this all means for you next. hi. hi. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential. looks like we're going to need to order more agaves... ah! oh! ow! ... and more bandages. that's powerful. sharble data
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for a body in motion. >> welcome back, everyone, we have been talking about the u.s. and some of the stiff economic headwinds they're facing and how about britain? their economy facing a serious new setback. moody's announcing the first ever downgrade of the u.k.'s
10:43 am
pristine credit rating by a whole notch. claiming growth in political turmoil for throwing the deficit reduction plan off course. still, prime minister david cameron says he has full confidence in the finance minister george osbourne, and britain now joins the u.s. in france and having lost its triple-a rating from at least one major agency. >> well, meantime, here at home, a triple threat to the u.s. economy is now taking a toll on businesses and consumers, some economists are now seeing new warning signs that higher taxes, flat wages, and growing debt are slowing our already struggling economy. in recent days woe've seen that wal-mart is stocking more shelves for less expensive products, to adjust for consumers purchasing power and we've jumped gas prices, nearly 50 cents, 50 cents in the past month alone. in addition to the tax cut
10:44 am
that expired on january 1st, taking a 2% chunk out the average paycheck, now, a new survey suggesting seven out of ten americans are cutting back on spending as a direct result of those factors, and much more. and the managing c carguile investments, seven out of ten are cutting back on spending and yet, we see the government continuing to spend. what does it say about our government and about the average american consumer? >> well, the consumer is doing the right thing, you know, we're cutting back. we knew that this-- which is actually a tax rebate and having a payroll tax holiday and we knew it would expire and perhaps an extra year a lot of us weren't expecting. for the individual we buy more corn flakes and less prime rib so we adjust. you know, it's troubling to see the government based with exactly the same percentage cut in spending, actually has a problem that they have no
10:45 am
problem passing on that cut to us. >> and what concerns do you have when you look the at big consumers like wal-mart and burger king and the big retailers, actually cutting back themselves because they realize that they have to lower their prices in order to keep moving the products. because, let's face it, once we cut out spending, we're cutting out a crucial element to our capitalism. >> it is something that does affect the overall economy, but it affects it less than you would think. you know, when you look at these hyper market industries like wal-mart, you know, they have about a 25% gross profit margin, that means 75% of the dollar you spend is going to their manufacturers, who are in china, india or some other place that produces low cost goods. so, a dollar spent at wal-mart only provides about 25 cents to our local economy. and that's why the tax rebates, the last four that we've seen, over the last 12 years, really doesn't work.
10:46 am
so i'm the into the concerned, really, about those types of spending, there are some other things happening in the economy that are, you know, very encouraging to me. >> what are some of those? >> i'm just not that concerned. >> what are some of the things that are encouraging to you. we could stand some encouragement now? >> well, and this is something that you have to actually listen to my premise here, but eye energy prices are actually good for the country. you know, we don't have much manufacturing in the u.s. anymore, but the local mining industry, which is energy production in this case, is local, and it's something that not only produces high paying, live changing jobs in the energy producing areas, but it also makes available the funds to actually go out and fund the alternative fuel industry. so, it's something that's good, you know, it's hard to put that $100 bill in your gas tank every week, but that is dollars better spent for the overall economy than if you
10:47 am
spend that $100 at wal-mart. >> kelly: the 50 cent jump in gas prices we've seen over the past month, you're saying that's a good thing for our economy and for the consumer? >> it's hard for the consumer, but it's good for the economy. that's dollars better spent when we look at the economy, you know, for someone like i do-- like me, that analyzes what happens in the economy. now, we have this conversation each year for the last four years at this time. >> kelly: that's right. >> gas prices spiked seasonally and as we get into memorial day, they'll go back down again and encourage people to budget about $4 a gallon for gasoline this year, and by the end of the year, when christmas rolls around, you'll have some extra money for christmas because the average price will be lower than $4. >> that's very encouraging, but give me your best forecast on our overall economy because it's still rather anemic. >> well, we're stuck in this low growth economy and there's just no way out of it. as long as the government continues to artificially hold down the interest rates and
10:48 am
try to provide a stimulus for borrowing, that's just not going to work. as we look at a 2% growth economy, that's going to go up and down on the flat line quite a bit and don't expect for wages to increase for this period. there's just no way you can increase wages with a 7% unemployment. however, i think there is opportunity for the overall economy, i do think we're going to see growth better than expected this year, and even though we have some headwinds, the individual consumer will adjust and help fund our economy for the future. >> mickey, we thank you for your perspective as always, the managing partner of carguile investments. good afternoon to you, sir. >> thank you. >> jamie: we're excited to tell you about a potential break through in the medical field or scientists that are working on a comprehensive map on the human brain and one that could unlock the key to treatments or a cure for alzheimer's, parkinson's and
10:49 am
medical in years. >> and medical a-teamer explains to us live next. [ m] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye. [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> >> do you think you could tell i'm excited about this
10:53 am
one. anytime the medical a-team can bring you news like this. you've got to listen. the scientists embarking on the 10-year study of the human brain are going to look at the workings and a map of the activity and hoping that that project will lead to a better understanding for all of us to diseases like alzheimer's and parkinson's, two things we don't want. and dr. david somati of the medical a-team and division of robotics in new york. you took a look at the study. i like the study and think it gives patients and family members hope, do you? >> yes, of course. i think it's a very, very exciting time, jamie, number one, to be a doctor and also to really go through this. look, this is a dimension, it's about a decade, scientific, to really find the secrets in the brain and to find this map and it's very similar to what we did with the human genome project. that took ten years and a lot of investment money, about 300 million a year.
10:54 am
>> how big a deal did they learn from that? >> it was because we were able to unlock all the secrets to the genetic disorders and of course now it's paid off and we're able to take care of a lot of our patients, knowing what the genes and the family history, et cetera is and this is very similar. we're talking about finding out exactly what part of the brain is responsible for perception, for memories, for consciousness, unconsciousness and obviously, it would lead us to diseases as you mentioned. alzheimer's is going to be extremely complex and we're going to be involved in this because now people are living longer and longer, so we're going to have that. autism, we still don't have the cure for it. we don't understand it well and through this, we're going to be able to do this. now, the reason why this is even more complex than the genetic one is because the brain is a lot more complex, you're talking about 100 billion neurons and spikes
10:55 am
going through the brain to show you the movement. >> jamie: with the genome we know that everybody's genetic makeup, we watch csi, and it's different. when comes to the brain is there a similarity so it tells there's an alteration to someone's brain to lead to one of these disorders? >> we don't have all the answers and of course it's an excellent question. and our genetics, we have a lot of common genes and a lot of different parts of the gene. our brain supposed to be similar and supposed to be functioning in the similar way, but i think this is an excellent investment, we're looking at a very exciting next ten years and i think the big advantage of this study and project is, look, there are a lot of projects going on. neuroscientistists and
10:56 am
nanotechnology in different labs. and has the potential to bring everyone under the same roof and share a lot of money and share the science together, very exciting. >> kelly: i think many of us really enjoyed the fact that this is being done, however, there are critics out there, based on theory and theoretical and hopefully provide the kind of knowledge. >> guess what, that's what research is all about. you may go on and invest a lot of money in time and that's what we always do and end up basically with nothing, i think a lot of good things come as a result of this. we're almost, we're making small steps in this research. but if you really bring all the things and scientists, national institute of health, and get everyone involved, and put money behind it, we will get the answers that we're looking for and that's an exciting part of the research all the time. >> you know what i like, too, doctor, with the headline that significant that we can do this study that will be for ten years, i think it encourages young scientists to get involved in research so
10:57 am
that we're living longer. >> 100% and america should lead to this kind of science and research and we know that the europeans, especially swiss-led companies are spending billions, coming up with exciting stimulation of the brain that will show exactly where the nerves are. we have to be the leader and get ahead and i'm excited about this. >> jamie: next time bring us a brain, your models. >> i will. >> jamie: i know you have them in the office and explain the different parts. >> kelly: interesting to see how it works. >> for sure. >> jamie: and speaking of millions of dollars, we're trying to save money on medical bills, some on sunday house call, 10:30 a.m. eastern, right here on the fox news channel only. we will talk about some medical tests that you may be recommended to have that you really don't need. you're going to help us with that. right, doctor? >> looking forward to it. sure, we're going to talk to actually one of the reasons for obesity, which is hypo thyroid or lower thyroid, a lot of exciting topics. >> all right, dr. marc siegel
10:58 am
and dr. somati there and kelly will be e-mailing me. >> kelly: that's it for us, i'm kelly wright. >> jamie: you'll come back later. >> kelly: three o'clock. >> jamie: and so good to have you on the fox news channel, but first the journal editorial report starts for you right now. ♪ ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean,
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